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above all首先,尤其是

【语境】 Most people agree that the present role of women has already affected U.S. society. Above all, it has affected the traditional role of men. 大多数人都认同,妇女目前的地位已经影响了美国社会,尤其影响了男子的传统地位。

above board光明正大的,公开的

【语境】 His business dealings were above board. 他的生意来往都是光明正大的。

above/over one's head难以理解;越级

【语境】 The board chairman said that it was done over his head. 董事长说那件事是未与他商量而做的。

a case in point有关的事例,例证

【语境】 The state of our inner-city schools is a case in point. 我们内城区学校的状况就是一个恰当的例子。

after all毕竟,终究,究竟

【语境】 Maybe people do believe they can buy happiness after all. 或许人们真的认为,钱可以买到幸福快活。

all but几乎,差不多;除了……

【语境】 That champion all but broke the world record. 那位冠军选手几乎破了世界纪录。

all in all从各方面说,总的说来

【语境】 All in all, we cannot live without computer network now. 总之,我们无法现在居住没有计算机网络。

allow for考虑到,顾及,为……留出余地

【语境】 We allow for wear through friction in designing the parts of every machine. 我们设计每台机器的部件时,都考虑到了磨擦造成的损耗。

allow of容许,容许有……的可能

【语境】 The current situation allows of no delay. 目前的情况不允许我们耽误。

all the way一直,完全

【语境】 The dog followed me all the way home. 在我回家的路上这只狗一直跟着我。

and so on/forth等等

【语境】 They work to make enough money for food, house, clothes, and so on.他们工作以赚取足够的钱来支付食物、房子、衣服等的费用。

answer for……负有责任

【语境】 We all must answer for our behaviors. 我们都必须对自己的行为负责。

as a matter of fact实际上,事实上

【语境】 As a matter of fact, the world's largest carpet manufacturer has already developed a carpet that is fully and safely recyclable. 事实上,世界上最大的地毯生产商已经发明了一种完全可以安全循环利用的地毯。

as far as……程度,就……

【语境】 The park extends as far as the river. 这个公园一直伸展到河边。

as for /to至于,关于

【语境】 As for their other differences, please see Question No 134. 有关它们的不同处,参看问题第134

aside from……之外(别无);除……之外(尚有)

【语境】 Aside from being praised, he received a lot of money. 除了获得表扬之外,他还得到一大笔钱。

as if /though好像,仿佛

【语境】 She talked as if she knew all about our plans. 她说得就好像完全知道我们的计划似的。

as it is实际上

【语境】 They agreed to buy the house as it is. 他们同意按房子的现状买下这幢房子。

as it were可以说,某种程度上

【语境】 In many ways children live, as it were, in a different world from adults. 从许多方面讲,小孩子可以说是生活在一个跟成人不同的世界里。

as/so long as只要,如果;既然,由于

【语境】 He will surely finished the job on time so long as he's left to do it in his own way. 只要让他按照自己的方式来做,他一定会按时完成工作。

as soon as……就,刚……便

【语境】 We must return to school as soon as possible. 我们必须尽可能快地返回学校。

as well as……之外(),既……

【语境】 As well as the danger from enemy action, people had to cope with a severe shortage of food, clothing, and almost everything. 人们不但要应对来自敌人行动的危险,还必须应对严重的食物、衣服等几乎一切东西的短缺。

as well同样,也

【语境】 The children dance well and sing as well. 这些孩子舞跳得好,歌唱得也好。

at all events不管怎样,无论如何

【语境】 At all events, America's strategy has changed. 无论如何,美国的策略已经有了改变。

at all times随时,总是

【语境】 We must at all times keep abreast of changing conditions.我们在任何时候都要适应变化了的情况。

at all(用于否定句)丝毫,一点

【语境】 Many people are asking whether traditional research universities in fact have any future  at all. 许多人都在质疑,传统的研究型大学实际上是否还有将来。

at a time每次,一次

【语境】 Take three pills at a time. 每次服三粒。

at hand近在手边,在附近

【语境】 We must be prepared to take care of the issues at hand. 我们必须着手考虑手边的问题了。

at length详细地;最终,终于

【语境】 The teacher explained the language points of the new lesson at length to the students. 老师把课文中的语言点详细地解释给学生

at no time从不,决不

【语境】 At no time can we give up learning.在任何时候,我们都不能放弃学习。

at one time曾经,一度

【语境】 It is said that at one time a highwayman lived in the house. 据说从前某个时候,有个拦路强盗在这栋房子里住过。

at times有时,间或

【语境】 Everyone may make mistakes at times. 每个人都会犯错误。 back and forth来回地,反复地

【语境】 Children grow up feeling unsettled as they are moved back and forth between parents. 孩子在这种被父母推来推去的环境中感到动荡不安。

back out退出,撒手;食言

【语境】 You promised to help, you shouldn't back out now. 你答应过要帮忙的,你不应该自食其言。

back up(使)倒退;支持

【语境】 The manager is expecting us to back him up at the meeting.经理期待我们在会议上支持他。

be about to (do) 刚要,即将

【语境】 Want to solve this problem. Be about to do it from him. 想要解决这个问题,就要从他开始。

bear down竭尽全力;压倒,击败

【语境】 It's a difficult task; we must bear it down.这是个艰巨的任务;我们必须全力以赴。

bear on/upon……有影响,和……有关

【语境】 Those are matters that bear on the welfare of the community.那些是影响社会福利的原因。

bear out证实

【语境】 I hope you will bear out what I tell him.我希望你能证实我对他讲的话。

bear up撑下去,振作起来

【语境】 It's not easy to bear up under such circumstances.在这样的环境下咬紧牙关坚持是不容易的。

bear with忍受,容忍

【语境】 The patient is very irritable, but we try to bear with him.那病人极易发怒,但我们尽量容忍他。

be in for遭到(麻烦等);参加(竞争等)

【语境】 They may be in for some bad weather.他们可能会遇到坏天气。

beside the point离题的,不相关的

【语境】 His remarks about gardening were beside the point.他对园艺的评论简直是文不对题。

block off封锁,封闭

【语境】 If you block off the exit, they cannot get out of there.如果你把出路给堵住,他们就出不来了。

block up堵塞,挡住

【语境】 They tried to block up these holes in the wall.他们设法堵塞这些墙洞。

break away突然离开,强行逃脱

【语境】 It is difficult to break away from a habit. 改掉坏习惯是很困难的。

break down损坏;(健康等)垮掉,崩溃

【语境】 Modern forms of transportation and communication have done much to break down the isolation of life in Alaska. 现代交通及通讯方式在很大程度上打破了阿拉斯加的与世隔绝生活状态。

break even不赔不赚

【语境】 The company's business just managed to break even last month. 上月这家公司的生意收支平衡。

break into非法闯入,强行进入

【语境】 Computer vandals can break into any system. 电脑破坏分子能闯入任何系统。

break in非法闯入打断,插嘴

【语境】 She broke in on our conversation. 她突然插话,打断了我们的谈话。

break off中断,突然停止

【语境】 Let's break off for half an hour and have some tea. 让我们小憩半小时喝点茶。

break out爆发,突然出现;逃脱,逃走

【语境】 When did the second World War break out? 第二次世界大战是什么时候爆发的?

break the ice打破僵局

【语境】 The host told a joke to his guests to break the ice. 为了打破僵局,主人给客人们讲了个笑话。

break through突围,冲破;取得突破性成就

【语境】 Although she tried hard, she still can't break through. 虽然她努力尝试,但是还是不能突破。

break up打碎,粉碎;散开,驱散;终止,结束

【语境】 Their marriage broke up last month. 他们的婚姻关系上月破裂了。

bring about导致,引起

【语境】 Computer technology will bring about a revolution in business administration. 计算机技术会带来工商管理的革命。

bring around/round说服,使信服;使恢复知觉 (或健康)

【语境】 He brought her around to my point of view. 他说服她同意我的观点。

bring/carry/put into effect实行,实现,使生效

【语境】 These suggestions were adopted and put into effect. 这些建议得到了采纳,并付诸于实行。

bring down使落下,打倒;降低,减少

【语境】 The company is trying every means to bring down the wholesale price of its products. 这家公司正想方设法降低其产品的批发价。

bring forth产生,提出

【语境】 The good news brought forth a cheer. 这则好消息令人欢欣鼓舞。

bring forward提前;提出,提议

【语境】 They brought forward a meeting. 他们把会议召开日期提前。

bring into play使活动,使运转,启动

【语境】 How to bring into play the initiative of teachers and students fully?如何最大限度地发挥教师和学生的积极性?

bring off使实现,做成

【语境】 It was a difficult task, but we bring it off. 任务艰巨,但是我们圆满完成了。

bring on引起,助长,促进

【语境】 That incident will surely bring on a crisis. 那个事件肯定会导致一场危机。

bring out出版,推出;使显出;激起,引起

【语境】 They are bringing out a new edition of the dictionary. 他们正要出版这部词典的新版本。

bring through使(病人)脱险,使安全度过

【语境】 Her illness was serious but the doctors managed to bring her through. 她病情严重,医生好不容易使她转危为安。

bring to使恢复知觉

【语境】 When Jack nearly drowned, they brought him to by artificial respiration. 当杰克快淹死时,他们用人工呼吸使他恢复知觉。

bring up养育,教养;提出

【语境】 The teachers brougt the pupils up on stories about the Old East. 教师们用古老的东方冒险故事来教诲小学生们。

build into使固定于,使成为……的一部分

【语境】 She has built these scraps of metal into a sculpture. 她把这些金属下脚料制成一尊雕刻品。

build in使成为固定物,使成为组成部分

【语境】 The workers are building in with bricks the hole on the side of the house. 工人正在用砖把房子一侧的空洞堵住。

build on/upon……建立于,以……为思想(或行动等)的基础

【语境】 My happiness builds on all kinds of credit. 我的快乐建立在各种信任上。

build up逐步建立;增进,增强;逐渐积聚,集结

【语境】 These vitamin B and C pills are to build up your resistance. 这些维生素BC片是给你增强抵抗力的。

burst in on突然出现(或到来)

【语境】 He burst in on the meeting.他突然闯进来打断了会议。

burst into闯入;突然……起来

【语境】 The entire hall burst into applause.整个大厅爆发出一阵掌声。

burst out大声喊叫,突然……起来

【语境】 When hearing the funny joke, we burst out laughing. 当听到那个好笑的笑话时,我们立刻大笑出来。

but for倘没有,要不是

【语境】 But for the help of their group, we would not have succeeded in the investigation. 要不是因为他们组的帮助,我们的调查不可能取得成功。

by all means当然可以

【语境】 We will help balance your energy, we will hug you, and by all means we will love you. 我们将帮助你平衡你的能量,我们将拥抱你,并且当然的,我们将会爱你。

by and by不久,迟早

【语境】 By and by it will become colder again.渐渐地天气又将冷起来。

by and large大体上,总的来说

【语境】 I cannot totally take your point, but by and large I think yours is reasonable.我不能完全认同你的观点,但是从大体上来看,我认为你的观点还是有道理的。

by any chance万一,也许

【语境】 Could you by any chance giving me a lift home?你有没有可能让我搭个便车回家啊?

by chance偶然,碰巧

【语境】 I met one of my old friends by chance yesterday.昨天我偶然遇到了一个老朋友。

by far到目前为止

【语境】  In my opinion, he's by far the most imaginative of all the contemporary poets. 在我看来,他是当代诗人中最有想象力的一个。

by means of用,依靠

【语境】 Some animals communicate with one another by means of cries.一些动物通过哭喊进行交流。

by no means绝不,并没有

【语境】 These features are by no means unique to Japan. 这些特征绝不是日本所独有的。

by the way顺便地,附带地说说

【语境】 By the way, can I get a bus to the center from here? 顺便问一声,我在这儿能不能搭到去市中心的公共汽车?

by turns轮流地,交替地

【语境】 When George had a fever, he felt cold and hot by turns. 乔治发烧的时候,感到一阵冷一阵热。

by way of经过,经由;通过……的方法

【语境】 Satellites sent back the photographs of other planets to earth by way of radio. 卫星通过无线电波把它们所拍的其他星球的照片送回地球。

call back回电话

【语境】 Please ask her to call back my parents tonight. 请你转告她今晚给我父母回电话。

call for(某人)来;要求,需要

【语境】 This article calls for more attention to the problem of cultural interference in foreign language teaching and learning. 这篇文章要求我们对外语教学和学习中的文化干扰问题给予更多的关注。

call in……进来,召来

【语境】 We had better call in a specialist at this critical moment. 在这个关键时刻我们最好请一位专家来。

call it a day今天到此为止

【语境】 Maybe we should just call it a day.也许我们今天该到此为止了。

call off取消

【语境】 She called off her trip to New York because she was ill. 因为生病她取消了去纽约的旅行。

call on/upon访问,拜访;号召,要求

【语境】 Our manager is calling on an important customer now and he will be back this afternoon. 我们经理正在访问一位重要客户,今天下午才能返回。

call up打电话();召集;使人想起

【语境】 The girl's face called up in his mind the image of his dead wife. 这个女孩的面貌使他回想起他死去的妻子的形象。

carry forward推进

【语境】 To carry forward this peace project, House arrived in London on January 6, 1916. 为执行这项和平计划,豪斯于191616到达伦敦。

carry off拿走,夺走

【语境】 The fever, if not stopped, might and would carry off the young fellow. 情况十分严重,高烧若不及时制止,会使年轻人失去生命。

carry on继续,进行

【语境】 If you carry on in that way, you'll get the school a bad name. 如果你仍然那样胡闹下去的话,你就会败坏学校的声誉。

carry out实行,执行;完成,实现

【语境】 Three students were chosen to carry out the experiment. 挑选了三名学生进行这项实验。

carry over(使)继续下去,将……延后

【语境】 The habit carries over from my childhood. 这个习惯是从我的童年时代保留下来的。

carry through实现,完成,坚持下去;使度过困难(或麻烦等)

【语境】 All these measures must be carried through without delay. 所有这些措施必须及时完成,不得延误。

cast aside……丢一边,去掉

【语境】 He cast aside all his old books. 他把所有的旧书都扔掉了。

cast off抛弃,丢弃,摆脱

【语境】 The hard winter has gone, and now we can cast off our winter clothing.严冬已过,现在我们可以摆脱冬装了。

cast out赶出,驱逐

【语境】 The villagers cast the thief out of the temple.村民们把那个小偷赶出庙外。

catch at试图抓住,拼命抓

【语境】 The drowning boy caught at a rope thrown to him, but missed it and sank. 落水的男孩试图抓住抛向他的一条绳子,但是没抓住,沉没了。

catch/get/take hold of抓住;理解

【语境】 Do you catch hold of our teaching methods now? 你现在对我们的教学方法理解了吗?

catch on流行起来;懂得,理解

【语境】 Please repeat what you said, I didn't quite catch on. 请把你的话再说一遍,我没十分听明白。

catch out发觉……有错误(或做坏事)

【语境】 They will try to catch you out, so have all your answers well prepared. 他们想挑你的毛病,所以你要把所有的回答都准备好。

catch up with赶上;对……产生恶果

【语境】 Workers will want their money wages to catch up with the recent inflation. 工人们将要求他们的工资增长跟上近期通货膨胀的程度。

chance on /upon偶然找到,偶然遇到

【语境】 If you happen to chance upon that document, let me know.如果你碰巧发现了那文件,请通知我。

check in(在旅馆、机场等)登记,报到

【语境】 We checked in at the airport an hour before our plane took off. 我们在飞机起飞前一小时到达机场办理登机手续。

check out结账离去,办妥手续离去

【语境】 They checked out ten minutes ago. 他们十分钟前就结账走了。

check up (on)检查,核实

【语境】 You'd better ask the doctor to check you up. 你最好请医生给你作全身检查。

clean out……打扫干净

【语境】 It's time you clean out the drawers of your desk; they are full of old paper. 是应该把你的抽屉清理干净的时候了,里面全是废纸。

clean up(……)收拾干净;清理,清除(犯罪现象等)

【语境】 It's your turn to clean the classroom up. 该轮到你们打扫教室了。

clear away……清除掉,收拾

【语境】 If you don't clear away the rubbish regularly, it will just accumulate. 如果你不经常清理垃圾,这将会越积越多。

clear off离开,溜掉

【语境】 The burglar saw the policeman and cleared off immediately. 窃贼看见警察就立刻溜掉了。

clear out清除,把……腾空;走开,赶出

【语境】 The police cleared all the people out of the cinema. 警察让所有的人离开了电影院。

clear up清理;澄清,解决;()放晴

【语境】 It will probably clear up this afternoon. 今天下午天气大概将晴朗。

come about发生,产生

【语境】 This situation should never have come about. 这种情况本来不应该发生。

come across偶然遇见,碰上

【语境】 When you come across something important, write it down. 当你遇到重要的事情时,把它记下来。

come along出现,发生;进步,进展

【语境】 Do you mind if I come along sometime? 如果什么时候我和你一起去你介意吗?

come apart破碎,崩溃

【语境】 If you sit on that chair it will come apart! 如果你坐那把椅子,它就散架了。

come around/round苏醒,复原;顺便来访

【语境】 She's fainted. Throw some water on her face and she'll come round. 她晕过去了。在她脸上洒些水她就会醒过来。

come at攻击,冲向;达到,了解

【语境】 It was a long time before we came at the truth. 过了很长时间我们才了解到真相。

come between分开,离间;妨碍(某人做某事)

【语境】 They are good friends and nothing can come between them. 他们是好朋友,没什么能使她们分开。

come by得到,获得;访问,看望

【语境】 Best things are worst to come by. 最美好的事物总是最难得。

come down to可归结为

【语境】 Our choices come down to staying here or leaving here. 我们的选择实际上就是留在这里还是离开这里两条道路。

come down(物价等)下跌;落魄,潦倒

【语境】 Her temperature came down in the evening. 到了晚上她的体温就降下来了。

come in for受到,遭到

【语境】 The designer came in for a lot of criticism. 这位设计师受到很多批评。

come off脱落,分开;结果,表现

【语境】 A button has come off my shirt. 我的衬衣掉了一颗扣子。

come on(表示鼓励、催促等)快,走吧;进步,进展;发生,开始

【语境】 There's a storm coming on. We'd better get home. 暴风雨快来了,我们最好回家吧。

come out出现,显露;出版,发表;结果是

【语境】 The news has just come out that the president is going to visit China next month. 刚有消息传出说,总统将在下个月访问中国。

come through经历……仍活着,安然度过

【语境】 Civilization will never come through another period of mechanical invention that improved life on earth for humans so much. 文明永远不会经历另一个给人类在地球上的生活带来如此改变的机械发明时代。

come to a head(事情等)达到危急的关头

【语境】 Everything is probably going to come to a head tonight. I'll keep you informed.今晚一切都可能到了紧要关头,我会让你及时了解情况的。

come to light显露,暴露

【语境】 The facts surrounding the murder have finally come to light. 有关这起谋杀案的实情终于显露出来。

come to terms (with...)妥协,和解;容忍

【语境】 We should learn to come to terms with those we dislike. 我们应该学会容忍那些我们不喜欢的人。

come to苏醒;总数为,结果是;涉及,谈到

【语境】 In a few minutes he suddenly came to. 过了一会儿他突然苏醒过来。

come up against突然(或意外)碰到(困难、反对等)

【语境】 We have come up against an unexpected problem. 我们碰到了一个意想不到的问题。

come up to比得上,达到(标准等)

【语境】 This piece of work does not come up to your usual standard.这件作品达不到你们平常的标准。

come up with提出,想出,提供

【语境】 When you need help, come up with another man. 遇到问题需要帮忙时,想到别的人。

come up出现,发生;走上前来

【语境】 Something must have come up that day. 那天一定是出什么事了。

count against()认为对……不利

【语境】 For that job her lack of experience may count against her. 她缺乏经验可能对她申请那份工作不利。

count down(发射火箭等时)倒读数

【语境】 The spaceship is already being counted down. 宇宙飞船已开始倒计秒数。

count in……算入

【语境】 We have counted you in. 我们已经把你算进去了。

count on/ upon依靠,指望

【语境】 Besides, viewers could count on justice to win. 除此之外,观众们还可以指望正义战胜邪恶。

count out逐一数出;不把……算入

【语境】 There are so many stars in the sky that none can count out. 天空中这么多的星星, 没有人数得清。

count up算出……的总数,共计

【语境】 Mary can count up to ten in German. 玛丽能够用德语数到十。

cut across抄近路穿过,对直通过

【语境】 There is a short cut across the field. 到田野对面去有一条近路。

cut back急忙返回;削减,缩减

【语境】 The film cut back to the earlier scene so that we understood her reasons. 影片倒叙往事,这样我们就了解到了她的原因。

cut corners走捷径,省钱(或人力、时间等)

【语境】 Don't cut corners. Money is no object.不要偷工减料。钱不是问题。

cut down削减,减少;砍倒,杀死

【语境】 This article is too long, you have to cut it down to 1000 words. 这篇文章太长,你得把它压缩到一千字才行。

cut in插嘴,打断;超车抢挡

【语境】 He cut in at the head of the line. 他在队列的最前头加塞。

cut off切断,阻断;使分离,使隔绝

【语境】 Wang Ping cut off the electricity quickly, preventing an accident. 王平立即切断电源,避免了一个事故。

cut out切去,删去;戒除,停止服用

【语境】 You should cut out the unimportant details. 你应当删除掉这些不重要的细节。

do away with废除,去掉

【语境】 They have decided to do away with  physical punishment in all local schools. 他们决定在地方学校消除体罚现象。

do one's bit做自己份内的事

【语境】 Everyone must do his bit for his country. 每个人都必须为国家尽自己的一份力。

do without没有……也行,用不着,将就

【语境】 People can do without a lot of things but they cannot do without food. 有许多东西人们没有也能过得去,但没有食物不行。

do with(与could,can连用)想要,需要;(与what连用)对待,处理;与……有关;以……对付过去(或凑合着用)

【语境】 Her diligence must have something to do with his success. 她的勤勉和她的成功一定有某些关系。

draw in()渐黑,(白昼)渐短;(汽车或火车)到站

【语境】 In autumn the days begin to draw in. 到了秋天,白天开始渐渐短起来。

draw on/upon吸,抽();动用,利用;临近,接近

【语境】 She had recently left a job and had helped herself to copies of the company's client data, which she intended to drop upon in starting her own business.她最近辞去了一份工作,并擅自取走了该公司的客户资料,打算自己开公司时使用。

draw up起草,拟订;(使)停住

【语境】 Individual sports are run by over 370 independent governing bodies whose functions usually include drawing up rules, holding events, selecting national teams and promoting international links.单项体育运动由370多个独立的管理机构掌管,他们的责任是起草规章制度、举办赛事、选拔国家队以及加强国际间的联系。

drop by/in顺便(或偶然)访问

【语境】 Could I drop by today to talk over your contract?我想今天顺便来找你谈谈你的合同行吗?

drop off入睡;(……)下车,把……放下;下降,减少

【语境】 The membership of the club began to drop off.这个俱乐部会员开始减少。

drop out (of)退出,退学

【语境】 Teenagers who drop out of high school have trouble finding jobs.中学辍学的青少年难找工作。

even if/though即使,虽然

【语境】 Jack and his brother differ in appearance even if their differences in age are not significant. 尽管杰克和他的哥哥在年龄上相差不大,但他们的外表却不同。

every bit从头到尾,完全

【语境】 She's every bit as clever and able as her sister. 她完全像她姐姐一样聪明能干。

fall back on借助于,依靠

【语境】 You may well smile, but a little outside investment will at least give us something to fall back on. 你也许觉得很好笑,但少量业务以外的投资至少会给我们一些可依托的东西。

fall back后退,退却

【语境】 We charged and the enemy's front line fell back. 我们发起了冲锋,敌人的前线被迫后退。

fall behind落后,落在……的后面

【语境】 He didn't want to fall behind in his studies. 他不想在学习上落后于别人。

fall for……的骗,对……信以为真;对……倾心,迷恋

【语境】 Dick fell for baseball when he was a little boy. 当迪克还是个小孩时,他就迷恋上了棒球运动。

fall in with同意,赞成,符合;与……交往

【语境】 The measure falls in with popular demand. 这种方法适合大众的要求。

fall on/upon袭击,攻击;由……承担

【语境】 The bulk of the work will fall on you and me. 大量的工作将落在你和我的头上。

fall out吵架,失和;脱落

【语境】 Most married people fall out over money. 大多数结了婚的人为钱而吵架。

fall short of达不到,不符合

【语境】 The performance fell far short of our expectations. 演出远远低于我们的期望。

fall through落空,成为泡影

【语境】 In a word, the whole plan fell through. 总而言之,整个计划完全失败了。

fall to开始,着手

【语境】 Jennie fell to her task in silence. 珍妮默不作声地开始了她的工作。

fix on决定,确定

【语境】 Have you fixed on the date for your wedding?你们确定婚期了没有?

fix up安排,安顿,照应

【语境】 We must meet again to fix up the details of the contract.我们得再见一次面,来安排合同的细节。

for all尽管,虽然

【语境】 For all his failures, he never loses heart. 尽管他屡遭失败,但他从不灰心。

for anything(否定句中)无论如何

【语境】 My mother would never stand for anything like that. 我妈妈绝对不会容忍那样的事!

for one's sake……起见,为了

【语境】 Buy one, Miss, for my child's sake.小姐,看在我孩子的份上,你就买一个吧!

get about走动;(消息等)传开

【语境】 News of the trouble soon got about. 有关骚乱的消息很快传播开了。

get across(使)被了解,(……讲清楚)

【语境】 He taught me how to get my ideas across. 他教我如何把自己的观点表达清楚。

get ahead获得成功,取得进展

【语境】 Often people get ahead just by being lucky. 人们经常只是由于走运才干得好。

get along前进,进展;(with)……相处(融洽);过活,生活

【语境】 The car could hardly get along on the slope. 汽车在斜坡上艰难地行进。

get around/roundget about;克服,设法回避(问题等)(to)抽出时间来做(或考虑)

【语境】 It's wrong of you to get around the regulation. 你存心规避规章制度是不对的。

get at够得着,触及;意指,意思是;查明,发现;指责

【语境】 Don't leave the bottle where he can get at it. 不要把瓶子放在他能够找到的地方。

get away走开,离开;逃脱;(with)做了(坏事)而逃脱责罚

【语境】 I couldn't get away at all last year, I was too busy. 去年我根本不能休假,我太忙了。

get back回来,回到;取回,恢复;(at)……报复

【语境】 In return, bond holders get back the loan amount plus interest payments. 作为回报,债券持有人获得的是借款数额再加上利息。

get by通过;过得去,(勉强)过活

【语境】 The crowd moved aside to let the leaders get by. 人群闪到一边让领导人通过。

get down(……)下来;写下;使沮丧;(to)开始认真处理,着手做

【语境】 He climbed to the top of the tree and then became afraid to get down. 他爬到了树顶上,接着却害怕再爬下来。

get even (with)(……)报复

【语境】 He cheated me but I'll get even with him one day!他欺骗了我,总有一天我要跟他算账。

get into……发生兴趣;卷入;(使)进入

【语境】 Never get into fights with ugly people, they have nothing to lose. 完全不要和长得丑的相争,他们已经没什么可输的了。

get in进入,抵达;收获(庄稼等)(with)……亲近

【语境】 We had to queue for hours to get in. 我们必须排几个小时的长队才能进去。

get off(……)下来;动身,出发;结束(工作),下班;逃脱惩罚

【语境】 Work is so tiring. I wish I could get off work now and go play golf. 工作真是累人,我希望我现在可以离开工作岗位,然后去打高尔夫球。

get on登上(车、船、飞机等),骑上(马、自行车等)(to)转入(某一话题)(with)……相处(融洽);进展,过活;(with)继续

【语境】 Now more students get on, and they begin to talk. 现在有更多的学生上来了,他们开始讲话。

get out(使)离开,退出,(使)逃脱;(消息等)泄露;生产,出版

【语境】 Those that get out first have more chance of saving their capital. 抢先出手的人有更多的机会保住他们的资产。

get over(疾病、失望等)中恢复过来;克服,解决(问题等);将……讲清楚

【语境】 We are quite sure that we can get over our present difficulties and finish the task according to schedule. 我们十分确定我们能够克服目前的困难,依照计划完成工作。

get through干完,完成;度过(时间)(使)通过(考试)(使)(议案等)获得通过;(……)讲清楚;打通电话

【语境】 The woman was so fat that she couldn't get through the doorway. 这女人胖得连门都通不过。

get together相聚,聚集

【语境】 It'll take a month to get together all the materials I need for my book. 我要花费一个月才能收集好我写书所需要的全部材料。

get up起立;起床

【语境】 Father is much better but the nurse says he's not to get up yet. 父亲的病好多了,但护士说他仍不能下床。

give away赠送;泄露

【语境】 John gave all his possessions away and became a monk. 约翰把他所有的家产都送了人,出家为僧。

give back()

【语境】 This well gives back the sound of your voice. 这口井能把你的声音折射回来。

give in认输,投降,屈服;交上,呈上

【语境】 Never give up and never give in. 永远不要放弃,永远不要屈服。

give off发出(光、声音等),散发出(气味)

【语境】 The flowers give off a delicious smell. 花发出了诱人的香味。

give out分发;用完,消耗尽;发出(光、声音等)

【语境】 I saw a man giving out handbills in the street.我看见一位男子在大街上散发传单。

give over to留作,把……留作特定用途

【语境】 The building was formally given over to the youth club. 这幢楼正式分给了青年俱乐部使用。

give up停止,放弃;(oneself)自首

【语境】 After hiding in the hole for several days, the escaped prisoner gave himself up. 逃犯在洞里躲藏几天后便自首了。

give way让路;让步,屈服;坍塌,倒塌

【语境】 Her leg suddenly gives way and she falls to the floor. 她两腿突然支持不住摔倒在地板上了。

go about着手做,处理,忙于;(with)常与……交往

【语境】 The tourists went about London freely. 游客们在伦敦四处自由游览。

go after追赶,追求

【语境】 The best hope we have is to go after and destroy the terrorist organization. 我们最好的希望还是追踪并摧毁恐怖组织。

go against反对,违背;对……不利

【语境】 This misbehavior will go against his chance of promotion. 这一错误行为将不利于他提升的机会。

go ahead进行;开始

【语境】 Go ahead for a firm goal, the whole world will let you go! 坚定地朝着一个目标前进的人,整个世界都会为他让路!

go along进行,进展;(with)赞同

【语境】 We cannot go along with you on this point. 在这一点上我们不能同意你的意见。

go around/round四处走动,到处活动;流传;足够分配;(with)常与……交往

【语境】 Even to go around the streets, he does reluctant stay at home. 哪怕是在街上闲逛,他都不愿待在家里。

go at攻击;着手做,努力做

【语境】 They are going at their work. 他们正致力于他们的工作。

go back on违背(诺言等)

【语境】 Some of his friends have gone back on him. 他有几个朋友对他不忠。

go by(时间)过去;遵守,遵循,依据

【语境】 His mind had no fixed habits to go by. 他的头脑没有固定的习惯模式去依循。

go down下降,减少;()沉没,()落;(with)……病;(wellbadly)()受欢迎,()被接受

【语境】 This medicine goes down smoothly. 这种药物很容易咽下去。

go for想要获得,选择;袭击;喜爱;适用于

【语境】 Anna asked Philip if he would like to go for a walk with them. 安娜问菲利浦是否愿意与她们一起出去散步。

go in for从事,参加;爱好

【语境】 The best way to keep fit is to go in for sports. 保持身体健康的最好办法是进行体育运动。

go into进入,参加;开始从事;调查,研究

【语境】 The police are going into the murder case. 警察正在调查这宗凶杀案。

go off爆炸,开火,突然响起;(电等)中断,停止;不再喜欢

【语境】 The time bomb will go off in ten seconds. 那枚定时炸弹会在十秒后爆炸。

go on继续,接着;进行,发生;(时间)过去;()亮,开始运行

【语境】 There is a wedding going on at the church. 教堂正在举行一场婚礼。

go out of business歇业

【语境】 The company will go out of business because it is always in the red.由于公司一直出现赤字,不久将会关闭。

go out of one's way特地,不怕麻烦地

【语境】 We all thirst for the love of others that they go out of their way to avoid harming us to do good to us. 我们都渴望得到别人的爱。他们想方设法地不伤害我们,为我们着想。

go out外出(尤指参加社会活动);过时;()退,()熄,终止;送出,公布,播出

【语境】 Not all the ants go out for food. 不是所有的蚂蚁都外出找食物。

go over仔细检查,察看;复习,重做

【语境】 He went over the plans again and discovered two mistakes. 他再次审查计划,发现两处错误。

go through仔细检查,查找,详细讨论;经历,遭受;获得通过,被批准;(with)……干到底

【语境】 The early pioneers had to go through many hardships to settle on the new land. 早期的拓荒者们为了在这片新的土地上定居下来必须遭受许多困难。

go to great lengths竭尽全力

【语境】 He'll go to great lengths to get the job done. 他将不遗余力去完成这项工作。

go under失败,破产;沉没

【语境】 The ship hit an iceberg and went under. 这条船撞上冰山后沉没了。

go up上升,上涨,增长;正在建设中;烧毁,炸毁

【语境】 The crowd cheered as the movie star went up to receive his prize. 当影星上台领奖时,人群欢呼起来。

go without没有

【语境】 Smokers cannot go without cigarettes even a day. 吸烟者哪怕一天没有香烟都不行。

go with……相配;与……相伴;附属于

【语境】 Crime does not necessarily go with poverty, some rich men are criminals. 贫穷并不总是伴随犯罪,一些富人就是罪犯。

grow out of产生于;长得太高大,因长大而不再做

【语境】 She has grown out of her youth follies.她已改掉了年幼时的胡闹行为。

had/would rather (than)宁愿……(而不愿)

【语境】 The young artist would rather be a fashioner than a follower. 年轻的艺术家宁愿做创造者,而不愿当随从者。

hand down……传下去

【语境】 The bed has been handed down in the family. It was my great-grandmother's originally. 这张床一直在家族里面传递。它最初是我曾祖母的。

hand in hand手拉手;同时并进地,密切关联地

【语境】 Wealth and power go hand in hand in most societies. 财富和权力在很多社会中常有连带关系。

hand on……传下去

【语境】 The moral excellences are handed on from father to son. 那种美德是父子相传的。

hand out分发,散发

【语境】 Sam handed out the presents to everyone with a smile. 山姆微笑着给每一个人分发礼物。

hand over交出,移交

【语境】 The case was handed over to Charles Elwell for investigation. 这个案件转给了查尔斯·埃尔韦尔去调查。

hang about/around闲荡,闲待着

【语境】 He did not like to hang about all day doing nothing. 他不喜欢整天闲逛什么事也不干。

hang on to保留(某物);紧紧抓住

【语境】 The smart ones know they have to hang on to talent. 聪明的雇主知道他们必须留住人才。

hang on坚持,抓紧,不放;等待片刻,(打电话时)不挂断;有赖于,取决于

【语境】 My toothache has hung on for a month. 我的牙痛已持续了一个月。

hang together团结,同心协力;一致,相符

【语境】 The two joints hang together pretty well. 这两个接头衔接得很好。

hang up挂断(电话);悬挂,挂起

【语境】 Please hang up and dial the number again. 请挂断电话,再重拨电话号码。

have a bone to pick with……争辩

【语境】 I have a bone to pick with you. Can you explain why you come so late?我倒想问问你。你能不能解释一下你为什么来这么晚?

have no business无权,没有理由

【语境】 You have no business being here.你无权待在这里。

have one's hands full忙得腾不出手来

【语境】 He refuses to hire extra help, though his employees always have their hands full. 虽然他的员工们总是忙得不可开交,他还是拒绝再额外雇人。

help out (sb.)帮助解决难题或摆脱困境

【语境】 If I see someone who's having a problem, I do generally try to help out. 如果我看到有人遇到麻烦,我通常会试着去帮忙。

hold back阻挡,抑制;踌躇,退缩;保守(秘密等),隐瞒

【语境】 Many women still feel that they are being held back by a male culture, particularly in the professional services sector. 很多女人始终感觉受男人文化的抑制,尤其是在一些专业服务领域。

hold down阻止(物价等)上涨;压制,控制;保持住(工作等)

【语境】 They used even more massive terror to hold down the people. 他们使用了更大规模的恐怖手段来镇压人民。

hold forth滔滔不绝地讲

【语境】 I have not come to China to hold forth on what divides us, but to build on what binds us. 我来中国,不是要大谈我们的分歧,而是要发扬我们的友情。

hold on to/onto紧紧抓住,坚持

【语境】 Although they lost their jobs, saving and unemployment benefits allow the couple to hold on to their comfortable home. 尽管失业了,这对夫妇靠积蓄和失业福利还能使他们继续保住他们舒适的房子。

hold on等一会儿,(打电话时)不挂断;握住不放,坚持住

【语境】 You should hold on to your oil shares. 你应该掌握住你的石油股份,不要放弃。

hold out伸出;维持,保持;坚持(要求),不屈服

【语境】 Our food supplies will hold out for another week. 我们的食物供给可维持到下周。

hold over延缓,推迟

【语境】 The President said that he would hold over until a new one was selected. 总统宣称在新总统选举出来之前他将留任。

hold up支持,支撑;延迟;展示,举出;抢劫

【语境】 There was a big hole in the road which hold up the traffic. 路上有个大洞,阻碍了交通。

hold with赞成,赞同

【语境】 I don't hold with some of the strange ideas you believe in. 我不赞同你深信不疑的一些怪念头。

in all总共,合计

【语境】 There were six million visitors in all. 参观者累计达六百万人。

in any case无论如何,不管怎样

【语境】 In any case, no choice but to face them. 无论如何,除了面对他们别无选择。

in any event 不管怎样,无论如何

【语境】 In any event, a new pattern of attack may be emerging. 不管怎样,这种新的恐怖袭击的方式都在形成。

in a/one sense从某种意义上说

【语境】 In a sense, it is another kind of pollution.从某种意义上说,这是另一种污染。

in a way在某种程度上,从某一点上看

【语境】 In a way, it becomes a part of our social value view. 在一定程度,它已经成为了我们社会价值观的一部分。

in case(of)假使,以防(万一)

【语境】 Don't let the child play with scissors in case he cuts himself. 不要让那个孩子玩剪刀,以防他割破手。

in check受抑制的,受控制的

【语境】 To build a true rule of law we should keep first power in check. 建立真正的法制社会,必须首先置权力于监督之下。

in effect 实际上,实质上

【语境】 In effect, money flowed back to the television business. 事实上,钱又回流到了电视公司。

in hand (工作等)在进行中,待办理;在控制中

【语境】 The printing of the book is now in hand.这本书正在印刷中。

in no case无论如何不,决不

【语境】 In no case should you lose heart and keep on trying.在任何情况下,都不要灰心,要继续努力。

in no way决不

【语境】 This butter is domestic, but it is in no way inferior to foreign butter. 这黄油是国产的,但是它根本不次于外国产的黄油。

in order按顺序;井然有序,处于良好状态

【语境】 Please answer these questions in order. 请按顺序回答这些问题。

in sb's hands在某人掌握中,在某人控制下

【语境】 Don't worry about the plan; it is in my hands。不要担心计划;它在我的掌控之中。

in spite of不顾,不管

【语境】 He always did well at school in spite of having to do part-time jobs every now and then. 尽管有时要做兼职工作,他在学校的成绩却一直学习。

instead of代替,而不是

【语境】 Instead of simply trying to reduce the damage, we are adopting a positive approach.


in the air流传中;悬而未决

【语境】 We may be going skiing at Christmas, but it's still in the air. 我们可能圣诞节去滑雪,但还没有定下来。

in the event of万一,倘若

【语境】 In the event of the project not being a success, the investors stand to lose up to $30 million. 倘若这个计划不成功,投资者可能损失高达3000万美元的损失。

in the event that万一,倘若

【语境】 In the event that controversies occurred, replay can be observed and mistakes corrected. 如果有争议发生的话,根据录像重放可以观察到并纠正错误。

in the event结果,到头来

【语境】 We were afraid he would be nervous on stage, but in the event he performed beautifully. 我们担心他在舞台上会紧张但实际情况是她表演的相当出色。

in the first place首先,起初

【语境】 In the first place, traveling increases our knowledge.首先,旅行可以增加我们的知识面。

in (the )light of鉴于,由于

【语境】 In light of the recent surge in asset prices worldwide, this issue needs urgent attention. 考虑到近来世界各地资产价格飙升,这一问题亟需关注。

in the long run从长远看,追究

【语境】 If you keep your home, your car or any valuable possession in excellent condition, you'll be saving money in the long run.如果你将你的家、车子或任何有价值的财产保持完好的话,那么从长完来看,你是在存钱。

in the same boat处境相同,面临同样的危险

【语境】 What can you complain about? We are in the same boat.你有什么好抱怨的?我们是一样的处境。

in the /sb's way(某人)道的,妨碍(某人)

【语境】 Someone has parked the car in the way. 有人把车停在了路上,挡住了去路。

in the short run在不久的将来

【语境】 In the short run, revenues will increase and profits will improve. 在短期内收益将增加,而且利润也将提高。

in turn依次地,轮流地;然而,转而,反过来

【语境】 In addition, advertising can influence consumers' moods which, in turn, are capable of influencing consumers' reactions to products.此外,广告能够影响顾客的心情,转而能够影响顾客对产品的反应。

in view of鉴于,考虑到

【语境】  In view of recent developments we do not think your scheme is practical. 鉴于目前的发展状况,我们认为你的计划不现实。

keep at继续做

【语境】 Keep at him till he agrees. 缠住他直到他同意为止。

keep back阻止,抑制;隐瞒,保留

【语境】 She struggled to keep back the tears. 我努力控制住泪水。

keep down压制,镇压;使处于低水平,控制

【语境】 The local government tries to keep the prices down. 当地政府努力使物价下降。

keep from阻止,抑制

【语境】 Tom looked so surprised I couldn't keep from laughing. 汤姆看来很惊讶,我忍不住笑了起来。

keep off(使)让开,(使)不接近

【语境】 The policemen told the boys to keep off the grass. 警察告诉小孩们不要践踏草地。

keep on继续进行,继续下去

【语境】 The very fact that other clients keep on buying speaks for itself. 其他客户继续购买,这一事实本身就说明了这一点。

keep to遵守,信守;坚持

【语境】 We must confidently keep to the socialist road and uphold the Four Cardinal Principles. 我们要自信地坚持社会主义道路,坚持四项基本原则。

keep up with跟上

【语境】 Young girls like to keep up with the latest fashions. 年轻女孩喜欢赶最新潮流。

keep up(使)继续下去,保持;使居高不下

【语境】 The good news kept our spirits up. 好消息使我们情绪高昂。

knock off下班,停止(工作);迅速而不费力地做成;从(价格等中)减去

【语境】 What time do you knock off for lunch?你什么时候停工吃午饭?

lay aside……搁置一旁;留存,储存

【语境】 They laid aside their tools to have a rest. 他们放下工具休息了一下。

lay down放下,交出;规定,制定

【语境】 The committee are busy laying down a general policy. 委员会正忙于制定一个总方针。

lay off(暂时)解雇;停止做

【语境】 With the increasing unemployment rate, workers who are 50 to 60 years old are usually the first to be laid off.随着不断上涨的失业率,通常处于五六十岁年龄的工人第一批下岗。

lay out摆出,铺开,展开;安排,布置,设计

【语境】 He laid out his view in a speech this afternoon. 他在今天下午的发言中提出了自己的观点。

lay over作短暂停留

【语境】 The passengers will lay over in Shanghai for 2 hours before completing the journey to Sydney. 在飞往悉尼前,乘客们将在上海停留两个小时。

lay up使卧床不起

【语境】 The old man was laid up with a severe stroke. 老人严重中风,卧床不起。

least of all最不,尤其

【语境】 What is what you are good at least of all? 你最不擅长的是什么啊?

leave alone……独自呆着;不打扰,不干预

【语境】 You can't just leave me alone like that. 你不能就这么对我置之不理。

leave off停止,中断

【语境】 It's hard for a chain-smoker to leave off smoking. 烟不离口的人很难戒烟。

leave out遗漏,省略;把……排除在外

【语境】 Don't leave out any necessary information on your application. 你在申请单上不要遗漏任何必要的信息。

lend sb. a hand帮助某人,协助某人

【语境】 Could you lend me a hand? Please take me to the nearest hospital. 能帮我个忙吗?请您带我去最近的医院。

live off依赖……生活

【语境】 A tiger lives off some small animals. 老虎靠吃一些小动物为生。

live on……生活,……为食物

【语境】 Most of the Asians live on rice. 大多数亚洲人以稻米为主食。

live out活过(某一段时间);实践

【语境】 The patient wished that he could live out another month. 病人希望他能多活一个月。

live through度过,经受住

【语境】 The government should take effective measures to live through this economical crisis. 政府应采取有效的措施度过这场经济危机。

live up to遵守,实践(诺言、原则等);符合,不辜负(期望)

【语境】 The players failed to live up to their coach's expectations of them. 选手们辜负了教练对他们的期望。

live with……在一起生活;忍受,忍耐

【语境】 We have to live with the fact that this experiment is a complete failure. 我们得承认这次实验彻底失败。

look ahead向前看,考虑未来

【语境】 When we design this plan, we should look far ahead into the future. 在构思这个计划时我们应展望遥远的未来。

look back回头看;(on)回顾,回忆

【语境】 He still feels quite guilty when he looks back on the past. 想起过去,他仍然感到很内疚。

look down on/upon看不起,轻视

【语境】 Many members of the old, pure-blood families look down on those who are not pure-blood. 许多历史悠久的纯血统家庭的成员看不起那些非纯血统的人。

look into调查,观察

【语境】 The police are looking into the pearl robbery. 警方正在调查这起珠宝抢劫案。

look in顺便访问,顺便看望

【语境】 Kelly looked in on her friend on her way home. 凯莉在回家的路上顺便看看朋友。

look on观看,旁观

【语境】 The novelist must look on humanity without partiality or prejudice. 小说家必须以无偏私无成见的眼光去看待人类。

look out (for)注意,留神

【语境】 You look out for yourself. 小心照看好自己。

look over……看一遍,把……过目;察看,参观

【语境】 Some officials will look over our factory this Friday. 本周五一些官员将察看我们的厂子。

look through(从头至尾)浏览;详尽核查

【语境】 This is usually much easier than having to look through the very long list of applications on your own. 对您来说这通常要比浏览非常长的应用程序列表要容易地多。

look to照管,留心;指望,依靠

【语境】 The whole kingdom will look to you for wisdom and guidance. 整个王国的人都期望着您的智慧和指引。

look up好转;(在词典等中)查找;看望,拜访;(to)尊敬

【语境】 Schoolboys usually look up to great athletes. 男学生通常很钦佩运动名将。

make a point of特别注意(做某事),重视

【语境】 To attain my goal, we must make a point of training my body and mind.要实现目标,我们必须注意锻炼自己的身心。

make for走向,朝……前进;促成,有助于

【语境】 Those two combined make for a powerful force. 这两者形成一股强大的力量。

make it办成,做到,成功;携……而逃

【语境】 If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. 如果你能在这儿做到,你能在任何地方做到。

make no bones about……毫不犹豫,对……直言不讳

【语境】 I'll make no bones about itI don't think you did a good job of painting my house.我对此事直言不讳——我认为你没把我的房子粉刷好。

make off匆忙离开,逃走;偷走,及时到达

【语境】 On hearing the news, she made off. 她一听到这消息就立即离开了。

make of理解,推断

【语境】 What do you make of this telegram? 你怎么理解这份电报的意思?

make one's way去,前往,行进

【语境】 In 1918 he managed to escape and make his way to Shanghai. 1918年他成功越狱来到上海。

make out看出,辨认出;理解,了解;写出,开出

【语境】 There's someone outside the window, but I can't make out who it is. 窗外有人,但我看不清是谁。

make sense讲得通,有意义,言之有理

【语境】 This travel guide to Cairo will help you make sense of the chaos and give you information about Cairo. 这个旅行指南会让你明白什么是混沌,并给你一些关于开罗的信息。

make up for补偿,弥补

【语境】 Managers should strive to seek to make up for weaknesses in his approach. 管理者应该努力寻求各种能弥补他的弱点的方法。

make up捏造,临时编造,虚构;组成,构成;(……)化妆;补充,补足;和解,重归于好

【语境】 This made up 15%of their total income. 这占他们总收入的百分之十五。

make way让路,腾出地方或位置

【语境】 The student stepped aside to make way for his teacher. 学生向旁边走了一步,给老师让路。

mean business是认真的

【语境】 They are shortly to realize that we mean business.他们很快将意识到我们是动真格的。

much as虽然,即使

【语境】 Much as I admire David as a poet, I do not like him as a man. 虽然我欣赏作为诗人的大卫,但我却不喜欢他这个人。

none other than不是别人,正是

【语境】 The new arrival was none other than the President. 刚到达的不是别人,正是总统。

no sooner... than……就,刚……便

【语境】 We had no sooner set out than a thunderstorm broke.我们刚刚出发就下起了暴雨。

not so much... as与其说是……不如说是

【语境】 The student is not so much foolish as lazy.与其说那个学生笨,不如说他懒惰。

not to speak of 不用说

【语境】 John cannot afford to go to university, not to speak of going abroad. 约翰连上大学的费用都支付不起,更不要说去国外了。

no way无论如何不,不可能

【语境】 No way. I need that money for my tuition. 那不可能。我需要那笔钱来支付学费。

now that既然

【语境】 Now that you have all your equipment, we can get started. 既然你把所有东西都准备好了,我们可以开始了。

on hand在手边,在近处

【语境】 It is surprising they did that job with the personnel on hand. 让人惊奇的是他们用手头的人员完成那项工作。

on order定购中,定制中

【语境】 I've got two books on order at the bookshop. 我在书店订购了两本书。

on the air正在广播

【语境】 They are listening to songs put on the air. 他们正在听电台播放的歌曲。

on the go忙个不停,忙碌

【语境】 They are always on the go, taking no time to recharge. 他们总是匆匆忙忙,没有时间休息。

on the point of正要……之际,就要……之时

【语境】 I was on the point of going out when the telephone rang.我正要出去,这时电话铃突然响了。

on the run忙碌,奔波;奔跑,逃跑

【语境】 But in three years on the run, her secret has been kept. 不过在三年的逃亡生活中,她的秘密依然得以保存。

on thin ice如履薄冰,处境极其危险

【语境】 The boy was really on thin ice when he disobeyed his father. 当男孩不服从父亲时,他就危险了。

or something诸如此类的

【语境】 Why don't you go to a show or something tonight? 你今晚为什么不去看演出或其它节目

other than不同于,非;除了

【语境】 No one can plan my future, other than myself. 没有人可以为我规划未来,除了我自己。

out of hand无法控制;马上,立刻

【语境】 The situations will get out of hand if you allow others to interfere. 如果你让别人干预,事情很可能会无法控制。

out of order出故障的;次序颠倒

【语境】 I can't make a call, as our phone is out of order. 我无法打电话,我们的电话坏了。

out of the blue出乎意外地,突然

【语境】 There are so many things out of the blue in our life. 生活就是有那么多的出乎意料。

out of the way被处理好,得到解决;偏远的,难以达到的

【语境】 I'm just pleased to get it out of the way and we look forward to next season now. 我一直希望能够尽快解决续约问题,现在我们正为即将到来的赛季摩拳擦掌。

pass away去世

【语境】 I'm sorry to hear that your father passed away last night. 听到令尊昨晚去世的消息很难过。

pass off(as)……冒充,假称……

【语境】 What I used to able to pass off as a bad summer could now potentially turn into a bad life. 我过去可以安慰自己说只是过了一个糟糕暑假,现在有可能变成我一辈子的糟糕生活。

pass on传授,传递

【语境】 This ring has been passed on in my family from mother to daughter. 这个戒指在我家里是妈妈留给女儿的。

pass out昏倒,失去知觉

【语境】 Fifty people pass out from heat at the outdoor rock concert. 在那场户外摇滚音乐会中有五十人热得昏过去了。

pass over……不加考虑

【语境】 Sex is a subject he prefers to pass over in conversation. 在谈话中关于性这一问题他尽量回避。

pass up放过(机会),放弃

【语境】 Clothes on sale are hard to pass up. 打折的衣服实在是不买可惜。

pick out挑出,选出,拣出;辨认出,分辨出

【语境】 The bird picked the nut out of the shell. 鸟从核桃壳里啄出肉来。

pick up拿起,捡起;取(),用车接载();获得,学会;好转,改进,增加(速度)(使)重新开始,继续

【语境】  A study shows that students living in non-smoking dorms are less likely to pick up the habit of smoking. 研究表明住在不吸烟的宿舍的学生养成吸烟的习惯的可能性更小。

pull apart……拉开(或拆开),被拉开(拆开)

【语境】 This toy is made to pull apart. 这件玩具可以拆开。

pull away(……)开走,(使)离开

【语境】 The mother pulled the child away from the fire just in time. 母亲及时把孩子从火旁拉开。

pull down拆毁

【语境】 Several houses were pulled down to make way for the new road. 为了给新修的道路让路,几座房屋被拆毁了。

pull in()停下,()进站,()到岸

【语境】 On a certain day at a certain hour, we will pull in the station. 在某一天的某一时刻,我们将会抵达进站!

pull off(成功地)完成;扯下,脱去

【语境】 The boy pulled his shirt off and threw it onto his bed. 这个男孩把衬衣一脱往他的床上一扔。

pull out拔出,抽出,取出;(车、船等)驶出;(使)摆脱困境

【语境】 Most want Germany to pull out of Afghanistan as soon as possible. 多数德国人都希望政府能尽快从阿富汗撤军。

pull over()驶到(或驶向)路边

【语境】 And if we have time, we will often pull over and pick it up. 只要时间来得及,我们总是将车开到路边并将垃圾捡起来。

pull through(使)渡过危机(或难关)(使)恢复健康

【语境】 The doctor had almost lost hope at one point, but the patient finally pulled through.医生在那一刻都几乎失去了信心,但是病人最终还是渡过了难关。

pull together齐心协力,团结起来

【语境】 But we are a family and will pull together and get through. 但我们是一家人,我们会在一起来克服这样的难关。

pull up(使)停下

【语境】 The policeman pulled up the motorist and asked to see his licence. 警察让那个开车的人停下来,要求看他的驾照。

put across/over解释清楚,使被理解

【语境】 A good commercial put across the attractive feature of a product. 好广告能突显产品吸引人的特征。

put aside储存,保留;把……放在一边,暂不考虑

【语境】 Considering your salary, you should be able to put aside at least twenty dollars a week. 就你的工资而言,每周你应至少存20美元。

put away放好,收好

【语境】 Now that spring is here, you can put away these fur coats till you need them again next winter. 春天到了,你可以把这些皮外套收起来,到冬天再用。

put in花费,付出(时间、精力等);正式提出,申请

【语境】 All the machinists have put in for a rise. 全体机械师都提出了增加工资的申请。

put off推迟,推延;阻止,劝阻

【语境】 We've invited friends to supper and it's too late to put them off now. 我已经邀请朋友来吃晚饭了,现在取消来不及了。

put one's heads together集思广益,共同策划

【语境】 We should put our heads together to solve this puzzle. 我们必须同心协力来解决这个难题。

put on穿上,戴上;上演;增加(体重)

【语境】 The local drama group are putting on “Sister Jiang” at the Capital Theatre. 当地的剧团正在首都剧场演出《江姐》。

put out熄灭,关();出版,发布;伸出;生产

【语境】 They managed to put out the fire within 20 minutes. 他们设法在20分钟内就把大火扑灭了。

put through……接通电话,接通(电话)

【语境】 Sorry, the number you failed is unable to put through temporarily, please redial later. 对不起,您所拨打的电话暂时无法接通,请您稍后再拨。

put up with容忍,忍受

【语境】 He had to be of very strong constitution to put up with such tiring mental labour. 他一定有很强健的身体才能担负起那么繁重的脑力劳动。

put up建造,搭起,支起;张贴;提高(价格、速度等);为……提供食宿,投宿;进行(抵抗等);提供,提名,提出

【语境】 In Disneyland every year, some 800,000 plants are replaced because Disney refused to put up signs asking his “guests” not to step on them. 在迪斯尼乐园里,每年要更换大约20万株植物,因为迪斯尼公司拒绝向他们的客人张贴标志要求他们不要在上面踩踏。

rather than与其……倒不如,不是……而是

【语境】 When I go out in the evening I use the bike rather than the car if I can. 我晚上出门时尽量骑车而不坐车。

regardless of不顾,不惜

【语境】 Research universities have to keep up with the latest computer and scientific hardware regardless of price. 研究院校必须跟上最新的电脑与科研的硬件发展,而不必考虑价格问题。

rule out……排除在外,排除……的可能性

【语境】 Carl could not rule out a career change in the new year. 卡尔不排除在新的一年转换职场的可能性。

run across撞见,碰见

【语境】 Tom happened to run across Jennie in the park last Sunday. 上星期日汤姆在公园中偶然遇见珍妮。

run away with(感情等)战胜,不受……的约束;偷走;与……私奔;撞倒;查找出,搜索到

【语境】 Sue is planning to run away with Danny. 苏正在计划与丹尼私奔。

run into遭遇(困难等);撞在……上;偶然碰见;共计,达到……之多

【语境】 They have run into trouble while designing the new machine. 在设计新机器时他们遇到了麻烦。

run off跑掉,逃掉;很快写出,印出,复印出

【语境】 She never saw her father, who had run off to Australia weeks before her birth. 她从未见过她父亲,他在她出生前几周跑到澳大利亚去了。

run out(of)用完,耗尽;到期,期满

【语境】 Our contract runs out at the end of the month. 我们的合同在本月底到期。

run over……上驶过,(撞倒并)碾过;把……很快地(或粗略地)过一遍

【语境】 The teacher ran over his notes before the lecture. 教师在讲课前先看一眼讲稿。

run through贯穿,普遍存在于;匆匆阅读,把……略略过目;排练;挥霍(金钱)

【语境】 They ran through the forest in the dark. 他们在黑暗中跑过森林。

run to达到

【语境】 Her latest novel has already run to three impressions. 她最近出版的一部小说已经印了三次。

run up against遭遇,遇到(困难等)

【语境】 Mike's car ran up against a tree yesterday. 迈克的车昨天撞到一棵树上。

run up积欠(账款、债务等)

【语境】 His debts ran up over the years. 多年以来,他债台高筑。

see about办理,安排

【语境】 I was hurrying to the booking office to see about our tickets. 我急急忙忙跑到购票处只是为了买到我们的票。

seeing (that)鉴于,由于

【语境】 You can be a good listener, seeing that there is more than what is presented. 你可以是个好的聆听者,因为你可以看到比表面更深入的东西。

see off……送行

【语境】 Ann always stands at the window and waves to see off. 安总要站在窗口前并挥手送别。

see out坚持到……的终了,完成

【语境】 Heartbroken Lamps wanted to see out his career at Stamford Bridge. 心灰意冷的兰帕德本希望在斯坦福桥结束他的职业生涯。

see through看透,识破

【语境】 Anyone reading the newspaper with half a brain would see through it instantly. 任何读过报纸的,稍微有点脑筋的人就能看穿其中的实质。

see (to it) that一定注意到,务必使

【语境】 See to it that you are here punctually tomorrow morning. 明天早上务必准时到这里来。

see to注意,照料

【语境】 “You try to get some sleep. I'll see to the patient's breakfast,” said the nurse. 护士说:你试着睡会儿,我去负责病人的早餐

send away……打发走

【语境】 How do you send away your off hours? 你怎样打发业余时间?

send for派人去请,召唤;函购,函索

【语境】 Any time you want me, just send for me. 什么时候你需要我,随时叫我来。

send in递送,呈报,提交

【语境】 The accountant sends in his bill for professional service. 会计递送来他所提供的专业服务账单。

send off邮寄,发送

【语境】 We send off for the new catalogue. 我们去函索要了新目录。

send out发送(信函、货物等);发出(声音等)

【语境】 When we arrived he sent out for some bread and milk to a local restaurant. 我们到了后,他让附近的餐馆送来一些面包和牛奶。

send up使上升

【语境】 They will send up another man-made satellite next month. 下个月他们将发射另一颗人造卫星。

set about开始,着手

【语境】 That evening he set about writing a report on pollution. 那天晚上,他着手写一篇关于污染的报告。

set against使敌视;使抵消

【语境】 The cost of business travel and entertainment can be set against the tax. 出差费和娱乐费可以被用来抵消税金。

set apart使与众不同;留出,拨出(时间、金钱等)

【语境】 It is the species-typical behavior that sets humans completely apart from all other animals. 正是这种特有的特种行为使得人类完全不同于其他动物。

set aside留出,拨出(时间、金钱等);把……置于一旁,不理会

【语境】 With more land being set aside to protect this and other Australian species, however. 然而,随着更多土地被预留下来保护诸如此类的澳大利亚动物。

set back推迟,延缓,阻碍;使花费

【语境】 The continuous rain set back the harvesting of the wheat crop by two weeks. 连续大雨使庄稼收割延迟了两周。

set down写下,记下

【语境】 Word means more than what is set down on paper. 说出来的话比在纸上写下来的话意思更丰富。

set forth阐明,陈述

【语境】 All standards set forth in this Code of Conduct are subject to compliance with applicable local law. 本《行为准则》中的所有标准都应符合可适用的供应商所在国法律的规定。

set in开始(并将延续下去)

【语境】 Aid groups worked day and night to shelter the survivors before winter set in.为了在冬天到来之前为幸存者们搭建好住处,救援小组整日整夜地工作。

set off出发,启程;激起,引起

【语境】 The material does not set off any alarms. 那种材料不会引发任何警报。

set on袭击;唆使

【语境】 He set the dog on the intruder. 他放狗去咬闯入者。

set out动身,起程;开始;摆放;阐明,陈述

【语境】 All the reasons are well set out in this chapter. 所有的理由都生动地在本章中加以阐明。

settle down定居,过安定的生活;平静下来;定下心来

【语境】 You have to settle down to study now.你现在得安下心来学习了。

settle on/upon选定,决定

【语境】 We have settled on a place to spend the vacation.我们已选定了度假的地方。

settle up付清(欠账等),结清(账目)

【语境】 Let's settle up and leave this restaurant.我们付账离开这个饭店吧。

set up创立,建立,为……作好准备;竖立,架起,建造;开业,开始经商

【语境】 The laws set up as strict system of justice. 这部法典建立起一套严格的司法体系。

show off炫耀,卖弄

【语境】 This is your chance to show off your industry knowledge!这可是你炫耀行业知识的一个机会!

show up暴露,显露;来到,露面

【语境】 Our estimate of how many people would show up at the party missed by a mile.我们估计的会出席派对的人数与实际人数差了一大截。

so far迄今为止;到某个程度

【语境】 So far, no man can answer the question. 到现在为止,没人能回答这个问题。

something of在某种程度上,有点儿

【语境】 He's something of a book collector. 他可以说是位藏书家。

stand a chance of……的希望,有……的可能

【语境】 I don't think they stand a chance of winning.我觉得他们没有获胜的希望。

stand by袖手旁观;坚持(决议等),遵守(诺言等);站在……一边,支持,帮助;作好准备,准备行动

【语境】 There were two witnesses who happened to be standing by when the accident happened. 事故发生的时候恰好有两名目击者在场。

stand down退出(比赛或竞选)(从某职位上)退下

【语境】 John stood down during the competition for pulling his muscle. 约翰因肌肉拉伤而中途退出了比赛。

stand for……的缩写,代表,意味着;主张,支持;[用于否定、疑问句]容忍,接受

【语境】 Do you know what that sign stand for?你知道那个标志代表什么吗?

stand in代替,代表,做替身

【语境】 He said he would stand in for me any time. 他说他随时都愿意来代替我。

stand out清晰地显出,引人注目;杰出,出色

【语境】 His red hair made him stand out in the crowd. 他的红头发使得他在人群里特别引人注目。

stand up for支持,维护,保卫

【语境】 Only we ourselves could help us, no man stands up for our rights. 只有我们能够拯救我们自己,没有人会为我们的权利去拼命争取的。

stand up to勇敢地面对,抵抗;经得起,顶得住

【语境】 The idea can hardly hope to stand up to a realistic evaluation. 这种理想很难相信能够经得住现实的评价。

stand up站起来;(论点、论据等)站得住脚

【语境】 It takes courage to stand up and be counted when most people are against you. 当大多数人都反对你时,敢于公开表明自己的意见是需要勇气的。

start off出发,动身;(使)开始从事

【语境】 We must start off with hope and expectations. 我们须怀着希望和期待出发。

start on开始进行,着手处置

【语境】 The company recently started on an expansion programme. 这个公司最近开始了一项扩建计划。

start out出发,动身;开始时打算,本来想要

【语境】 No one started out to create a building that destroys the planet. 没有人的初衷就是想创造一个毁坏这个星球的建筑物。

start up创办;开动,发动

【语境】 On seeing us come into the room, he started up from the bed. 看到我们走进了房间,他从床上一跃而起。

take aback使吃惊,使困惑

【语境】 I was taken aback by the news of his death. 听到他死去的消息,我很吃惊。

take a chance冒险,投机

【语境】 We will take a chance to go across the river.我们要冒险渡过这条河。

take after(在外貌、性格等方面)(父、母等)相像

【语境】 In her gentle nature, Mary takes after her mother. 玛丽性情温和,像她妈妈。

take apart拆卸,拆开

【语境】 This robot's job is to take apart bombs that may go off. 这种机器人的工作就是拆除那些可能爆炸的炸弹。

take... as……当做,认为

【语境】 Some people refer to translation as science while others take it as art. 有些人称翻译为科学,而另一些人却把它当做艺术。

take back收回(说错的话);使回忆起

【语境】 You must take back what you said. 你必须收回你所说的话。

take down拆,拆卸;记下,写下

【语境】 Would you like me to take down your hair? 要不要我把你的头发放下来?

take effect生效,起作用

【语境】 The new law will take effect next month. 新法律将在下一个月生效。

take... for……认为是,把……看成为

【语境】 We took her for her younger sister. 我们把她当成了她妹妹。

take in接受,接纳,吸收;包括;领会,理解;欺骗

【语境】 Our club plan to take in 20 new members. 我们俱乐部计划吸收20名新会员。

take off脱下;起飞;匆匆离开

【语境】 The professor took off for Shanghai this morning. 教授今天上午动身去上海了。

take on开始雇用;呈现,具有;同……较量,接受……的挑战;承担,从事

【语境】 The chairman was blamed for letting his secretary take on too much work last week. 主席被指责上周让他的秘书承担了太多的工作。

take out……出去(吃饭或看电影等);除掉,毁掉;(通过申请等)取得,办理;(on)……发泄

【语境】 There are 22 working days, taking out weekends and holidays. 扣掉周末和假日,还有22个工作日。

take over接收,接管;承袭,借用

【语境】 Whenever a big company takes over a small one, the product almost always gets worse. 每当一个大公司接管一个小公司后,产品质量几乎总是会下降。

take sb's breath away使惊羡不已

【语境】 The girl's beauty took other girls' breath away!这女孩漂亮得让其他女孩惊羡不已。

take to……产生好感,开始喜欢;开始从事,形成……的习惯

【语境】 But there are some measures you can take to ensure your safety. 不过你可以采取一些措施来保证你的安全。

take turns依次,轮流

【语境】 The students take turns answering the teacher's question. 学生们轮流回答老师的问题。

take up开始从事;把……继续下去;着手处理;占去,占据;(on)接受邀请;(with)……成朋友

【语境】 They took up arms and fought for their faith and liberty. 他们拿起武器为信仰和自由而斗争。

take... with a grain/pinch of salt……有保留,对……半信半疑

【语境】 Take his words with a grain of salt. He always exaggerates.人们不会相信老是夸大的人。

talk back回嘴,顶嘴

【语境】 This programme gives TV viewers a chance to talk back. 这个节目使电视观众有机会发表反馈意见。

talk down to以居高临下的口气说话

【语境】 You talk down to me like I'm some kind of idiot. 你一副高高在上的样子跟我说话,好像我是个笨蛋似的。

talk into说服(某人)(某事)

【语境】  I know you've got a smooth tongue, so don't talk me into buying it. 我知道你能说会道,因此就不用说服我买了。

talk out of说服(某人)放弃

【语境】 Nothing I said could talk her out of it. 我说什么也不能让她放弃这个念头。

talk over商议,商量,讨论

【语境】 The entire committee will talk over the proposal. 全体委员会将要讨论这项建议。

talk sense说话有理

【语境】 You should talk sense into him and make him realize he was wrong. 你应该给他讲道理,使他认识错误。

tell (sb./ sth.) apart区分,辨别

【语境】 Can you tell the twin sisters apart? 你分得清这两个孪生姐妹吗?

thanks to由于,幸亏

【语境】 Thanks to the enormous flow of food from the entire globe, these countries have for many years not felt any population pressure. 由于世界各地大批食品的流入,这些国家许多年来不曾感受到人口的压力。

to the point切中要害,切题

【语境】 Let's get to the point! Where have you been last night? 让我们言归正传。昨晚你上哪了?

turn a deaf ear不愿听,充耳不闻

【语境】 She turned a deaf ear to our warning and got lose.她对我们的警告充耳不闻,结果迷失了方向。

turn around/round转变,(使)转好

【语境】 The economy turned around three months after the crisis. 在发生危机的三个月后经济开始好转了。

turn away回绝,把……打发走

【语境】 His request for a pay rise was turned away.  他加工资的要求被回绝了。

turn back(使)折回,(使)往回走

【语境】 It is impossible to turn back the clock. 要回去当年的境界是不可能了。

turn down关小,调低;拒绝

【语境】 The woman was turned down for the job. 那个妇女想做这个工作,但被拒绝了。

turn in交还,上交;上床睡觉

【语境】 Some require their students to turn in early versions of term papers and essays they are writing. 一些教授要求他们的学生提早递交他们的学期论文和他们写的作文。

turn off关,关掉;拐弯,离开……转入另一条路

【语境】 The road to the museum turns off here. 去博物馆的路由这儿岔开。

turn one's back on轻视,不理睬

【语境】 He will turn his back on me if I ask him for money even if we are good friends.虽然我们俩是好朋友,但如果我向他借钱的话他肯定会拒绝我的。

turn on接通,打开

【语境】 The reading button can turn on your overhead light. 按一下阅读钮就可以打开你头上的灯。

turn out结果是,证明是;关掉,旋熄;制造,生产;驱逐,(使)离开

【语境】 For others, these could turn out to be the worst. 对其他公司而言,这可能是最糟糕的时机。

turn over翻过来,翻倒;仔细考虑;交,移交

【语境】 The doctor turned the patient over and looked at his back. 医生给病人翻了个身,检查他的背部。

turn the corner出现转机

【语境】 I really hope that you can turn the corner and make it eventually!我真心希望你能克服难关,并最终取得成功!

turn to求助于,求教于,查阅

【语境】 We can meet the body's need for salt from natural sources without turning to the salt bottle. 我们从自然资源中就能够满足身体对盐的需要,而不必去求助于我们的盐瓶了。

turn up开大,调大;出现,来到

【语境】 I waited for him half an hour, but he never turned up.我等了他半个小时,但他一直没出现。

under fire遭到攻击,受到严厉批评

【语境】 The two candidates have reacted differently under fire.两位候选人在受到批评时反应各自不同。

under one's breath压着嗓子,低声地

【语境】 He was quite annoyed, and went off muttering threats under his breath.他很恼怒,低声咕哝着威胁的话走掉了。

under way在进行中

【语境】 Formal negotiations are under way.正式谈判正在进行。

wear away磨损,磨去;消磨,流逝

【语境】 My patience is almost worn away by their endless quarrel. 他们不停的争吵使我的忍耐接近于极限了。

wear off渐渐减少,逐渐消失

【语境】 The effects of the drug naturally wear off within a few hours. 这药的效力几个小时后会自然消失。

wear out穿破,磨损,用坏;(使)疲乏,(使)厌倦,(使)耗尽

【语境】 Children wear out their shoes very quickly. 孩子们很快就把鞋穿坏。

win out/ through获胜,成功
【语境】They will win out in the long run.从长远看他们终将胜利。
win over说服,把……争取过来,赢得……的支持
【语境】We should win over the masses. 我们应该把群众争取过来。
wind up上发条;结束,停止
【语境】I think it's time to wind up this meeting.我认为现在该结束这个会议了。

work at/on从事于,致力于

【语境】 Tom has been working at the subject for many years. 汤姆已经钻研这门学科多年。

work off消除,去除

【语境】 He thought that the heavy work would help him to work off his anger. 他想干点重活可能有助于平息他的怒气。

work out算出;理解,弄懂;想出,制定出;解决;产生结果

【语境】 It's not easy to work out how much it costs to feed the average family. 算出一个一般家庭的花费并非易事。

work up激发,激起;制订出,精心作出

【语境】 They may also want to try new things, but should work up to them gradually. 他们也想尝试新事物,但必须逐步地去做。

worth one's salt胜任的,称职的,名副其实的

【语境】 Any engineer worth his salt should know how that machine works.任何一位称职的工程师都应该知道那台机器是如何操作的。

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